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Saudi Arabia .. Traffic reveals the reality of the video about dangerous drift in Riyadh

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Saudi Traffic has revealed the reality of a trend video on social media about the practice of a group of young people drifting on the western ring road in the capital Riyadh.

According to the “Saudi traffic” through his account on the “Twitter” that the passage of the Riyadh region confirmed

that the current section of the practice of drifting on the Western Ring,

old and dates back to 3 years on King Khalid Road.

He pointed out that the violators were caught and the punishment prescribed in the traffic system was applied.

Saudi Arabia’s Okaz newspaper published a video documenting the moment a group of young people practiced to drift their cars.

Concerned about the rising popularity of tafheet, the Saudi Arabian government recently imposed hefty penalties for the law breakers.

First-time offenders are fined 20,000 riyals (Dh19,585) and the car is impounded for 15 days.

The fine is doubled second time and the vehicle impounded for 30 days. also

Saudi Arabia

in addition to the third time the penalty goes up to 60,000 riyals,

and also the vehicle confiscated for good. Earlier, the fine was just 1,000 riyals.

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