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A Syrian doctor wins the Polish Parliament and receives the Gold Medal

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A Syrian doctor: Voters gave the Syrian doctor their votes and chose him as their representative in their country’s parliament

A Syrian doctor :The Medal of Silver and Bronze, as well as the highest Gold Medal awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland, was not the highest award received by the doctor, “Riad Haidar” son of the city of “endosperm” Swaida “in Poland” has won the votes of the Poles and elected a deputy in their parliament.

Dr. Riyad Haidar casts his vote in the parliamentary elections

A successful doctor, he was respected and appreciated by the majority of the population of the county where he lived after graduating in 1981 from the Faculty of Medical Sciences and obtained a diploma graduation, where he practiced in the city of “Biaواa Podlaska” Poland, and gave him their votes to represent them in the Polish Parliament.

“I have been a member of the Central Provincial Council for 12 consecutive years,” said Haidar. “This led me to run as a member of the Polish parliament, and I think the first is of Syrian origin.”

The Syrian doctor received nearly 25,000 votes, the highest conservative result in Poland’s recent parliamentary elections. “I saw it as a sign of the trust they gave me, not looking at me as a stranger, but as an active member of society,” he said.

Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology in a Polish hospital, he received the specialty of preterm and neonatal medicine, as well as in the area of ​​resuscitation and anesthesia in Poland.

Haidar was the first to lay the foundation stone for the neonatal department, which is one of the most developed in Poland and has been the head of the department since 1998.

“I and my medical team have been able to make a lot of achievements in the field of saving many premature and newborn babies by introducing and developing many medical devices to save children from many dangerous situations.”

The doctor who became a Polish citizen resides with his wife, his three sons and five grandchildren and wishes to accomplish what he promised, especially in the field of medicine and health care in the medical field that he loved and practiced since traveling from Syria in 1973

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