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An 11-year-old girl wrestles with a huge crocodile to save her friend

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An 11-year-old girl : Rebecca, has battled a huge crocodile to rescue her nine-year-old friend, who was attacked by a predator in the city of Hwang in Zimbabwe.

An 11-year-old girl : The incident occurred last week when the crocodile attacked Latoya while swimming with friends in a river near the village of Cinderella, according to the site “Sandy News.”

Rebecca was coming out of the river when she heard her friend screaming for help and saying something had bitten her hand,
Then the animal started dragging her away and it became difficult for the girl to keep herself on the surface of the water.

This prompted Rebecca to act heroically, swam towards her friend and saw that the crocodile grabbed her hand and man,
Rebecca jumped over the crocodile and began to squeeze his eyes until he eased his grip on Latoya, then helped Rebecca out of the river.

Despite the risk, attacking the crocodile and rescuing her friend, Rebecca received no injuries, and the girl said: after Latoya screamed that something bites her,
I felt the responsibility that I had to save her. I was the oldest among the other seven children, so I swam to where Latvia was struggling to float above the water.
She noticed that the animal was holding Platoya from her thigh.

“I jumped over the crocodile and started beating him with my bare hands before using my fingers to press his eyes until she was released,” Rebecca said. Once I became free,
She swam with her to the beach, where the other children drove her out of the water. “Fortunately, the crocodile did not attack us after Latoya was released.”

Latoya was rushed to a local hospital and one nurse said she was fortunate to have suffered light injuries that the crocodile had not broken her bones.

Latoya’s father described his daughter’s survival as a miracle. “When I learned that the crocodile attacked my daughter while swimming, I expected the worst,
Then I learned that Rebecca saved my daughter and I am grateful to God. ” Latoya will soon be discharged from the hospital.

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