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Newspaper: Russia is seizing a sophisticated Israeli missile landed in Syria

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Russia has succeeded in seizing a missile from the Israeli air defense system “David’s Sling” that landed in Syria in July, the Times of Israel reported.

The newspaper quoted the main news portal in China, “Sina”, that one of the interceptors fired on the Syrian missiles, landed in Syria, and from there arrived to the Russian army.

According to the agency “Sina” Chinese missile David’s Sling , was transferred to Moscow to examine his techniques, and Israel and the United States has asked Russia to restore it.

On July 23, 2018, the IDF admitted that one of the rockets fired from the David’s Sling system to intercept rockets fired from Syria failed to hit its target and landed in Syrian territory.

According to the IDF, two David’s Sling missiles were fired to intercept two Russian-made SS21 ballistic missiles fired by the Syrian army, and there were fears that the rockets would fall into Israel.

The IDF defended the launch of interceptor rockets at the time, saying its forces had acted correctly given the limited time available to operate, but refused to disclose the technical reasons for the missiles failing to hit their targets due to security concerns.

There was concern in Israel at the time that the fragments of the missile ” David’s Sling ” in the hands of Iran or Russia, enabling them to see the advanced technology of the missile, developed by Israeli and US experts, according to “Yediot Aharonot.”

The Times of Israel reported that Russia had not confirmed details of the report by the Chinese agency, and the Israeli army said it did not comment on foreign reports.

Newspaper: Russia is seizing a sophisticated Israeli missile landed in Syria

Syria News

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