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Sources: The possibility of delaying the signing of the trade agreement between Washington and Beijing

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The signing of an agreement on trade between the United States and China could be postponed until December on the back of continuing discussions on its details, a senior administration official told Reuters.

The official, who asked not to be named, said the possibility of not achieving the deal remained, but the contract seems more likely than not.

According to the official, the Chinese insistence on lifting part of the trade duties imposed by Washington on them will not undermine the progress that has been made, and that this issue will be on the table.

The official added that China is seeking to conclude the agreement quickly, given that the current circumstances seem ideal for them, as Trump is facing pressure from the House of Representatives to investigate the issue of his removal, and seeks re-election as president of the United States in 2020.

The official also revealed that discussions on the venue of the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are still going on, as it was initially scheduled to be held in Chile on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Summit in mid-November, which was canceled on the The ongoing protests in the country.

Potential venues currently under discussion include many European and Asian cities, most likely in Sweden or Switzerland. The option proposed by President Trump to hold the meeting in Iowa has been ruled out.

The agreement is expected to include a US pledge to eliminate tariffs on Chinese exports, including mobile phones and laptops, worth 156 billion dollars, which are slated for December 15.

China wants to abolish a 15 percent tariff imposed by the United States on exports worth $ 125 billion, effective September 1, Reuters quoted its sources as saying. China is also seeking to ease its $ 250 billion export tariffs of 25 percent.

A source familiar with the “Reuters” that the Chinese negotiators continue to pressure Washington to “raise all fees as soon as possible.”

Sources: The possibility of delaying the signing of the trade agreement between Washington and Beijing

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