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US forces patrol the Syrian oilfields near the borders of Turkey and Iraq

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday that US forces are conducting a military patrol in the Syrian-Turkish border triangle area.

He explained, “Observatory” that the patrol started from the village of Junaidia countryside Rmilan, where stationed large oil fields, and up to the fields of Swedish and Kruzero and the Karakhok area.

The Syrian Observatory said on Tuesday that US forces are preparing to establish a new military base in the village of Yanbu (Zagat) located in the countryside of Malikiyah on the road to Simalka crossing at the border triangle between Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

The news agency “Associated Press”, earlier, informed sources, that US President, Donald Trump, agreed on Wednesday, to expand the US military mission in Syria “to protect” oil fields in the east of the country.

The United States has repeatedly said it is seeking to secure control of Syria’s oil fields seized as a result of hostilities against the Islamic State terrorist group ISIS in the northeast.

The Pentagon said it was working to bring about 1,000 US troops out of Syria, but a number of troops would be kept to keep control of the oil fields in the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the US ally in the war on ISIS, and to block any other party’s access to these sites , even the Syrian government or Russia.

US forces patrol the Syrian oilfields near the borders of Turkey and Iraq

Syria News

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