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Report: Tehran informed the United Nations of the targeting of three of its tankers off Saudi Arabia

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Tehran has warned the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that commercial shipping in the Red Sea is no longer safe and that three of its tankers have been targeted off Saudi Arabia in the past six months, media reported.

The warning came in a letter dated October 30 from Iran to the United Nations, the Wall Street Journal reported in a report.

The Iranian authorities refrained from blaming any party for the attacks, which Tehran has not disclosed until recently two of them, while the third incident was the Sabiti carrier was targeted on October 11 off Saudi Arabia, and Tehran announced that it was targeted by two missiles.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tehran’s notice to the UN revealed that the two targeted carriers bore the names Happiness 1 and Helm, and the attacks occurred in April and August respectively.

The newspaper pointed out that the National Iranian Oil Tankers Company announced the exposure of Happiness 1 to “disrupt its engine and loss of control,” while Helm faced “technical problems.”

In the letter, Iran expressed its conviction that one or several countries were behind the attacks, noting that the two tankers were targeted in conditions similar to Sabiti, and almost all incidents occurred in the same area with similar damage to ships.

The newspaper quoted the Iranian message stressing that the systematic and systematic nature of these attacks, which occurred during a short period of time and in the same area turned the Red Sea into an unsafe corridor for commercial ships.

The newspaper pointed out that the first such attacks occurred before the incident targeting four commercial carriers in the Gulf of Oman in mid-May, which the United States blamed Iran, which denies the accusations strongly.

Report: Tehran informed the United Nations of the targeting of three of its tankers off Saudi Arabia

Syria News

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