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A US report shows the strengths of the Russian army in any war with it

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A recent report by the US RAND Center for Research, pointed to a number of strengths of the contemporary Russian army in the face of the armies of NATO countries.

According to the report, the Russian armed forces have enormous potential in terms of their ability to deploy rapidly on land, in the air defense sector and to conduct nuclear and non-nuclear strikes at strategic distances.

During a successful modernization of its armed forces in the last 15 years, Russia has established well-protected bastions in a number of locations, particularly in the Crimea, the Kaliningrad region and the Kuril Islands, the report said.

According to the document, these sites could receive the first blow in the event of a military conflict in Russia, which will give time for military preparations deep inside the country, and Moscow “uses these sites to threaten its neighbors.”

The report also noted that Russia has made progress in the areas of space, intelligence, electronics and cyberspace.

In June, RAND considered in another report that the greatest danger facing the United States and its allies of the Russian armed forces is the possibility of a large-scale ground war between the parties.

A US report shows the strengths of the Russian army in any war with it

Syria News

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