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De Mistura: I resigned because I don’t want to shake hands with the victorious AL-Assad

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De Mistura : LONDON (Reuters) – Former UN envoy to Syria Stephane de Mistura said he resigned because he realized President Bashar al-Assad had won the war and did not want to shake hands with him as he won.

Stefan de Mistroa, who served from 2014 to 2018, said he could not afford to survive to testify to Assad’s victory.

“Why did you leave last year?” Said the 72-year-old Italian diplomat at the Aga Khan Center in London on Tuesday in the first interview since his resignation. Officially, for personal reasons, and informally, because I felt that the war was coming to an end, and after my struggle against what happened in Aleppo, Idlib and Daraya, I could not shake the hand of the victorious Assad. ”

The former envoy expressed his conviction that Russia still wants to sign a peace agreement in Syria so as not to stay with a “candle will burn her hand,” pointing out that the launch of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva is an indication of this.

De Mistura said Moscow wanted to push Europe to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, saying that this is unlikely to happen only after the establishment of political stability and comprehensive peace in the country.

Despite Mistura’s remarks, the former UN envoy to Syria had met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad several times in the Syrian capital Damascus to discuss the Syrian crisis file, not to mention his many statements to reporters about Assad during his duties as a UN envoy in which he said: Assad is part of the solution and we will continue to have important discussions with him. ”

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