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Details reveal for the first time .. Thus lived Baghdadi in recent months before his death

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Details reveal : The Associated Press published a report on the recent months of the escape of the Islamic State terrorist organization, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who killed a US military operation on 27 October. He sometimes hides underground, relying on a small circle of close associates. ”

Details reveal : Al-Baghdadi hid in territory in the northwestern province of Idlib, which is controlled by ISIS opponents. According to the report, “Baghdadi had kept Yezidi adolescence as a slave for many months, and was with him on the go when he traveled with a core group of seven close associates. A few months ago, he delegated most of his powers to someone with a senior position in the organization, most likely to be the one who was declared by ISIS as its leader after Baghdadi.

Details reveal : The report noted that “the Yezidi girl, who was released in May in a US-led operation, pointed out that Baghdadi first tried to flee Idlib in late 2017, and said that“ one night, she was loaded into a convoy of three vehicles with The leader of ISIS, his wife and his security entourage went to the province. ” “The convoy reached a main road and then turned around, for fear of an attack,” said the 17-year-old at the time.

The convoy remained in the southeastern city of Hajin for a week, an area near the Iraqi border, but moved north to Dashisha, another border town in Syria, within ISIS-controlled territory. “She stayed there for four months at the home of al-Baghdadi’s father-in-law, a close associate named Abu Abdullah al-Zubaie,” she said, adding that “the group’s leader had visited her repeatedly there, raped her and sometimes beat her.” The girl revealed that “Baghdadi was moving only at night, wearing sneakers and covering his face, and always comes with five security men who were addressing him with a sheikh or Haji.”

Restricted shifts

In the spring of 2018, al-Baghdadi moved elsewhere in eastern Syria until early 2019. During that time, al-Baghdadi was suffering from nervous debris and was complaining of treason. Mohammed Ali Sagit, who was married to one of al-Zubayi’s daughters, said that he had seen al-Baghdadi several times over the past 18 months, the last time in the desert areas along the Syrian-Iraqi border, shortly before Sagit was arrested last June.

“Baghdadi’s movements were severely restricted and he lost more ISIS territory. He was walking around with a suicide belt, sleeping with someone near him, and making his aides also carrying belts,” Sagit said. Also, Baghdadi did not use a mobile phone, at a time when his assistant, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, did so.

Al-Baghdadi’s stress exacerbated his diabetes, and he was often forced to take doses of insulin.In Ramadan, he was not fasting, and forced his aides not to fast, according to Sagit. At that time, al-Baghdadi was in contact with his supreme deputy, believed to be himself Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, who was appointed by al-Qaeda to succeed al-Baghdadi.

Details reveal : According to the report, “US officials do not know when al-Baghdadi arrived in Idlib, but they said he chose the location where he was, because it was the last area outside the control of the Syrian government, and there were suspicions of his refuge in that area.”

Baghdadi hid in the village of Barisha, which is controlled by HTS, rival to IS. The compound where al-Baghdadi was housed belonged to a man named Abu Mohammed al-Halabi, who was a sheep trader.

The facts of the process of ending Baghdadi

Neighbors who lived near the compound said that “the person who took care of the logistics with al-Baghdadi was killed with him in the military operation,” explaining that “10 helicopters flew over their village before 11 pm on the night of the US-led operation.” “They went out to the balconies to see what was happening. They saw elements firing with automatic rifles, so they hid inside their houses,” they said. “The Americans warned the residents not to get close to Baghdadi’s house because they were going to blow it up,” one of them said. “No one really expected Baghdadi to be here.”

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