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Experts: Lebanese agree on technocratic government and Hariri closer to its presidency

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Popular protests in Lebanon have entered their fourth week, with the movement shifting from banditry to sit-ins in front of government offices, banks and politicians’ homes.

In parallel with the sit-ins, several consultations are taking place on the formation of the new government,

especially in light of the ongoing dispute, the nature of the government,

which some believe should be a government of technocrats to please the street,

while others believe that it should include political ministers and technocrats, while these consultations remain Public,

where many officials refuse to give any details about the matter.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s recent meeting with caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri yesterday held consultations on forming


a new government in the country and getting out of the current crisis.
According to experts in Lebanon,

the most likely trend now would be to name Hariri as prime minister,

but this has not yet been fully agreed.

Brigadier-General Shal Abi Nader, the Lebanese strategic expert,

said that there have been tensions so far between the political parties, that is,

they did not agree significantly on the presidency of Saad Hariri to the new government so far.

He told Sputnik on Friday that the trend in favor of Hariri being re-named

as prime minister began to center on several reasons related to the political compromises

that took place during the election of the President of the Republic and the representation of Hezbollah,

which indicates that the consensus on the re-presidency The government will be the end.

He explained that the trend now by Hariri is to form a government that satisfies the whole street

and also be a government of technocrats without politicians,

which does not satisfy the political parties, especially since the ministers are the decision of the state policy,

which can not be left to specialists,

especially since the recent democratic elections formed Political blocs are the ones that determine state policy.

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