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Kurds accuse Turkey of using prohibited weapons in northern Syria

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The so-called Kurdish “self-administration” in northeastern Syria said that the Turkish army used internationally prohibited weapons, including white phosphorus, in some areas of northeast Syria.

The administration, in a statement to the public opinion, considered that “Turkish abuses” against the components of northeastern Syria, and violations of terrorist groups and mercenaries in its sight, requires legally prosecution and prosecution, and is a flagrant violation of international laws, covenants and conventions, where what happened and is still in Afrin Evidence of the need to form investigation and accountability committees.

She added that in addition to what is happening in the areas of Ras al-Ain / Tel Abyad since October 9 until the moment, where Turkey and its mercenaries continue to strike the same standards of law and morality with the wall, where the peak reached in the use of Turkey internationally prohibited weapons, against our people and targeting more Of / 30 / unarmed civilians, including children with these internationally banned weapons. “

The Kurdish administration called on all relevant institutions and organizations, especially the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical and Biological Weapons, to express their positions and action.

The administration pointed to the need to uphold impartiality, and follow-up investigation of violations of Turkey using internationally prohibited weapons.

Turkey, on October 9, amid widespread opposition and criticism from the Syrian authorities and the governments of many Arab and Western countries, launched an attack on northeastern Syria with the help of armed groups loyal to it under the name of the “spring peace” resulted in civilian casualties.

Kurds accuse Turkey of using prohibited weapons in northern Syria

Syria News

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