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New Facebook .. Selfie to check your identity

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New Facebook : It has recently become active in discovering hidden experimental features in many applications and services – that Facebook’s social network is testing a new tool to combat account fraud.

“Facebook is working on identity verification using face recognition, asking users to take a selfie in different directions,” Jane Manchun Wong said in a tweet posted on her Twitter account.

Wong – which has a history of anticipating the discovery of features in a number of applications, such as Twitter and Instagram, before launching for the general public – posted screenshots of the new test. She also showed that the tool works on video to verify the user’s identity, asking him to record short videos of his face in order to “make sure you are identity and verify that you are a real person.”

Screenshots published by Wong showed that the feature asks users to highlight both sides of the face in short videos. Though Wong believes the feature focuses on face recognition, it is not known exactly whether the feature is only intended to ensure that the account holder preaches in front of the camera. The photos also confirm that short videos uploaded by the user to Facebook are kept for 30 days after confirming his identity.

Although Facebook has not confirmed or denied testing this feature, it is not surprising that the company is exploring new ways to protect against bots and other fake accounts. The social network has already removed more than 2 billion fake accounts in the first half of this year alone, and some critics have predicted that the problem of Facebook’s fake accounts is greater than advertised.

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