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The most skilled ophthalmologist in Russia is a Syrian doctor

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The most skilled ophthalmologist : He is the most experienced ophthalmologist in Russia and the main ophthalmologist in the Russian Federation.
The most skilled ophthalmologist : He is a Syrian doctor (father and mother) … genius
yousef naeem.
He was born in the village of Namer in Daraa countryside in 1963
At the age of four he moved to Raqqa with his father, who was working with Russian experts in the construction of the Euphrates Dam …. He finished high school in Damascus, and was sent by the Syrian government to study medicine in the Soviet Union … In 1982,
He completed his studies in 1989, returned to Syria and stayed there for a year, then returned to Russia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union … There he continued his medical studies, and received the highest doctorate degree in microsurgery eye, wrote more than 200 research and won 15 patents invention..!

He is the head of the scientific research department of the new methods of micro-ophthalmology at the university hospital of the Russian scientific academy .. …
Today .
Dubbed by the Russian press (with the hands of the golden hands), (sight restorer) and (man of the impossible)
And (the enemy of the darkness), and represents Russia in the world scientific conferences and is chosen to perform complex surgeries performed by wow successfully transmitted on behalf of Russia to the whole world ….!

He performed about 30 thousand eye surgery operations and played a significant role in strengthening Syrian-Russian relations …
Approximately 15 operations are performed daily …

The most famous thing he did was in 1986, where one of the participants was damaged by extinguishing the Chernobyl fire as he lost one eye and totally lost sight in the other, but Dr. Yusuf … had a very precise operation .. In which he restored the sight of the forty man.

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