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17 rockets land near Iraqi airbase housing US forces

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A barrage of 17 rockets have come down near an Iraqi airbase housing American forces in the Arab country’s north, causing some material damage but no casualties.

Iraq’s Armed Forces released a statement, saying the incident took place
near the outpost in the town of Qayyarah in Iraq’s Nineveh Province on Friday.

But No person or group has claimed responsibility for the incident.

The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 on the second leg of its so-called war on terror, which had it first stage a no-holds-barred attack against Afghanistan.

Unremitting violence continue to plague both countries since then,
with anti-American sentiment and US-led foreign presence being blamed
for much of the plight.

Washington staged a renewed wholesale operation in Iraq in 2014 at the
head of a number of its Western and regional allies, presumably seeking to
uproot the Takfiri terror group of Daesh. The outfit had risen amid the
chaos and volatility resulting from the first US-led invasion.

Qayyarah liberated by Iraqi government forces from Daesh control in 2016 as they were marching towards Daesh’s so-called capital of Mosul.

The Iraqi military’s effort against the terrorists was being boosted by
Iranian military advisory assistance and Shia-majority paramilitaries.

The US-led military would, meanwhile, carry out, what has been condemned as indiscriminate attacks against the city and its population
under the pretext of targeting Daesh (ISIS).

Iraq and its allies cleared Mosul of Daesh’s presence in the following year, with Washington trying to claim credit for the victory.

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