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Atwan: Four indicators confirm that the battle of Syrian oil wells east of the Euphrates is ahead of its counterpart in Idlib

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Atwan : A quick reading of the rapidly evolving political and military developments on the Syrian front, it is arguable that the most important battle that could take precedence over the priorities is the battle east of Deir Ezzor, and against the US forces currently in control of its oil and gas fields.

Atwan : President Donald Trump agreed today to expand the US military mission to “protect” Syrian oil fields east of the Euphrates, and to mobilize about 800 troops for this purpose, as well as another 200 soldiers at the nearby al-Tanf military base.

Atwan : This leads us to reach this conclusion, which is the opposite of most of the expectations that the Idlib battle over the Battle of the Euphrates was making.

First: The statements made by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Shirvnin said on Wednesday that his country will not cooperate with the United States on the issue of Syrian oil because it is a wealth for the Syrian people of their right to manage and administer, and the timing of this statement is very important. A strong message of support for the Syrian leadership.

Second: President Trump’s provocative statements he made two days ago in which he spoke about his country’s right to dispose of this wealth, taking part of it, giving another part to the Kurds, opening the region to major American and oil companies to manage existing fields, and prospecting for other gas and oil fields, to increase production and revenues. Subsequently.

Atwan : Third: President Bashar al-Assad’s statements in his interview with the local news channel Al-Ikhbariya, in which he showed a clear determination on his intention and the Syrian Arab Army to restore this area to Syrian sovereignty directly or indirectly, it is true that he admitted that the United States is a superpower that cannot Syria is facing it under the current circumstances, but he hinted at other means and methods, may be a guerrilla war like those that targeted US forces in Iraq, and forced it to withdraw to reduce the human losses that amounted to the death of five thousand US soldiers and wounding three Thousand yen, Syrian security devices and have special expertise in this regard.

Fourth: It is not unlikely that the US forces east of the Euphrates will be one of the objectives, if not the main target, of any retaliatory acts of ISIS after the success of the American forces to assassinate its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The statements issued by the organization in the past two days allude to This issue

The seizure of Syrian oil and gas by US forces constitutes the most heinous of bullying and extortion and reflects the mentality of the mafia leaders, not the leaders of a state that claims to lead the free world, and lectures us on democracy and respect for laws and human rights.

The US occupation of Syrian oil and gas wells, and the theft of its revenues, at an average of one million dollars a day, is a prelude, or “rehearsal” to occupy Iraqi, Saudi, Libyan and Gulf oil wells in the near future under several excuses, perhaps led by the application of the “Gasta” to pay compensation to the families of victims of attacks September 2001.

We are confident that the Syrian state, which has liberated more than 80 percent of its territory, and its Arab army has regained the Rumailan field in al-Hasakah today, will restore all this oil wealth to its national sovereignty. Deir Ezzor may be one of the most striking blows to Trump’s ambitions to win the presidential elections for a second round. If he stays in the White House until then ..

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