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Japan’s Sakurajima volcano erupts with 5.5 km ash cloud

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Japan’s Sakurajima volcano on Friday unleashed a cloud of smoke and ash several kilometers high in its biggest eruption in more than three years, Kyodo news agency said.

The volcano on Kyushu, the main southernmost island,

launched a 5.5-km ash cloud, the first time the smoke rose more than five kilometers since July 2016,

the agency said, citing a local meteorological station.

The agency said the volcano was very active and had erupted more than a hundred times this year alone,

adding that no damage had been reported so far.

A volcano erupted on Saturday in the southeastern Japanese island of Satsumayo,

Sakurajima volcano
Sakurajima volcano

but there were no immediate reports of damage on the island, where a small population lives in Kagoshima Prefecture,

the Japan Meteorological Department said.

Local offices of the Meteorological Department called on the islanders to stay away from the area

and issued a second-class warning on a 5-point scale after the eruption at around 17:35 local time (0836 GMT).

The volcano caused clouds of ash, more than 3,000 feet high in the sky, according to the newspaper “New York Post” America.

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