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Sudan launches first satellite in its history in cooperation with China

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Sudan : The Sudanese government announced on Tuesday the successful launch of the first satellite in its history for economic and military purposes, called the SRSSS-1 satellite, which performs remote sensing tasks.

Sudan : The satellite, with the help of China, was launched aboard the Long March-4B Chinese rocket at 11:22 am Beijing time on Sunday from the Taiwan Satellite Launch Center in north China’s Shanxi Province.

The rocket, along with the Sudanese satellite, carried three Chinese satellites, the Gaupin-7 satellite, which is China’s latest civil observation satellite for Earth and can capture three-dimensional accuracy up to about a meter. The other two satellites are Huangpu 1, small satellites as part of China’s plan to launch a set of satellites into low Earth orbit.

The Sudanese government has contracted Shenzhen Aerospace Oriental Red Sea Satellite to design and produce the satellite, and is designed to carry out remote sensing over Sudan.

The project aims to create a large, accurate and low-cost database, topographic maps and maps of natural resources and control of agricultural production, which helps the State to explore these resources and develop appropriate development plans in addition to its use in environmental protection.

The Sudanese government said in a press statement late Tuesday that Sudan will manage the satellite fully, and that this project will help in the development of research in the field of space industry and the acquisition of knowledge and science of space technology.

Earlier this year, Sudan announced an ambitious plan for several projects in the fields of aviation, space and telecommunications. The latest launch is an implementation of this plan.

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