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The Syrian army recaptures the village of Um Shu’ayfah from Turkish forces and their loyalist factions

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Units of the Syrian army have regained control of the village of Um Shu’ayfah from Turkish forces and their loyalist factions in northern Syria, according to SANA.

The agency quoted that: “Syrian Arab Army units liberate the village of” Umm Shu’ayfah “from the Turkish occupation forces

and their mercenaries and pursue their remnants towards the village of Mahmudiya in the countryside of Ras al-Ain.”

The clashes escalated between Syrian army units and Turkish forces and Turkmen factions loyal

to them in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah, threatening a serious deterioration near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Sputnik correspondent in al-Hasakah said that Turkish forces and their “Turkmen” factions carried out a series of attacks

on the villages of “Umm al-Kaif” of Tel Tamr district, and “Deldara” in the vicinity of Abu Rasin district

with heavy artillery and also machine gun fire.

Immediately, Syrian Army forces started to respond to the sources of the shooting, and the scene moved to violent clashes

that resulted in the death of more than a dozen gunmen from the “Turkmen” pro-Turkish factions,

while 8 members of the Syrian Army were injured.

The correspondent of “Sputnik” wounded the commander of the Syrian Arab Army operations in the province of Hasaka Major General

Ahmed Sharif Ahmed and Colonel Munif Mansour in addition to two elements in the Syrian army wounded varying

with the staff of the channel “Syrian satellite” government as a result of a shell fired by the “Turkmen” factions of the Turkish army

on the perimeter of my village “Amsh Afa” and “Graves of the Farajneh” north of the town of Tal pass about 10 km.

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