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Baltic Sea Fleet ships enter Tartous port

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  Yaroslav Mudry, the Viktor Konitsky and Yelenia, trained in the
search for submarines in the Mediterranean, entered the port of
Tartus. This is the second time that you enter the Syrian port during the long journey.

  The Baltic Fleet press service told Russian media: “A part of the Baltic Fleet consisting of the escort Yaroslav Mudry, the Viktor Konitsky and the Yelnya, which is on a long-distance mission, entered the port of Tartus.”

  The crews trained in joint maneuvering under intense navigation conditions, searching for virtual enemy submarines, as well as launching electronic missiles at naval targets using the anti-ship Oran missile complex.

  Earlier, the Russian Navy frigate, Admiral Makarov, opened fire in the eastern Mediterranean. Included were the winged Caliber missiles.

  These ships carried out numerous missions in the Mediterranean. On the way to Tartous, the ship entered the port of the Greek island of Korovo, where the Russian week was held.

It is worth mentioning that The Russian Navy is the navy of the Russian Federation. The current Russian navy succeeded the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the successor to the Soviet navy that disintegrated after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War in 1991. The Russian naval fleet celebrates its feast on the last day of July, and the Russian navy consists of four strategic-operational fleets they are :

North Sea Fleet.

Pacific Fleet.

The Baltic Fleet.

Black Sea Fleet.

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