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Washington intends to declare the “legitimacy” of Israeli settlements in the West Bank in Palestine

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at first Washington intends : US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that
however the United States no longer considers Israeli settlements in the
West Bank to be contrary to international law, in a bid to shirk previous

Washington intends : in addition The Associated Press has indicated that Washington
intends to repudiate the 1978 declaration that the settlements violate
international law.

Secretary of State Donald Trump has abandoned his predecessor Barack
Obama’s position on Israeli settlements, the secretary of state said in a
speech on Thursday.

besides Pompeo is expected to say the Trump administration will no longer abide
by the State Department’s 1978 legal view that settlements are “against
international law,” an administration official said.

even though The move is likely to be welcomed by right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, angering the Palestinians and putting the United States at odds with countries working to end the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, which see settlements as illegal.

The US move follows the decision of the European Union’s Supreme Court
on Tuesday, which approved the legality of the labeling of Israeli goods produced in settlements in the 1967 occupied territories, which are exported to EU countries.

furthermore Settlement construction in the Occupied Territories violates international law relating to laws and regulations in times of war and occupation,
This corresponds to the official position of the US Department of State issued in 1978,
Which states that settlement construction in the West Bank “is contrary to
international law.”

likewise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already promised to annex West Bank settlements if he wins a new mandate.

“I will apply sovereignty without distinguishing between (the largest)
settlement blocs and isolated settlements,” he said.

that Israel’s security was largely linked to the Judea and Samaria region
(the Jewish name for the West Bank).

He added:

As for the Khan al-Ahmar area near Jerusalem, which the Israeli authorities have tried to remove several times in recent months, Netanyahu said that it will be evacuated soon from its Palestinian population, pointing out that it is government land and that the Palestinians who currently inhabit it is a Bedouin community who had been displaced from their land in the Negev desert (south Since the 1950s.

also On the Gaza Strip, he hoped to be on his way to calm, vowing to use force if necessary.

on the other hand Netanyahu said he told US President Donald Trump that
Israel would not expel “a single settler” as part of any future peace plan.

in addition The US recognition on March 25 of Israel’s sovereignty over the
Syrian Golan Heights opened Netanyahu’s appetite for annexing parts of the occupied West Bank.

in brief According to the Israeli peace movement (non-governmental), the number
of settlers in the West Bank to more than 630 thousand settlers living in 132 settlements.

finally The UN resolutions stipulate the illegality of settlements in the
occupied territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the
occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

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