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10 indications for high blood sugar should be cautious

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10 indications : Many people with diabetes have used a number of
preventive techniques to find out how high their blood sugar is and to
lower it with special medications.

10 indications : Many believe that high blood sugar results from eating sugar-rich sweets, but that is not the only factor or reason.

Eating too much sugars and carbohydrates leads to high blood sugar while the pancreas secretes insulin to transport glucose to the body and distribution, and in the case of diabetes disrupt this system.

At a time when many suffer from the production of a little insulin, which leads to become glucose higher than the normal proportion in the blood, which leads to the ease of the disease, according to the site published glamourmagazine.

10 indications of high blood sugar

Fatigue: Fatigue is one of the most early signs of hypertension, and it is
most common among patients.

Fatigue after a meal, especially carbohydrate-rich, may be an indication of high blood sugar, and this sign or mark varies among people.

Numbness of hands and feet: High blood sugar over time leads to exposure
to sufferers of this disease, from numbness in the hands and feet.

Increased blood glucose can affect neurological functions and eventually damage the nerves, called neuropathy. People with numbness, numbness,
or heat in the hands, feet, arms and legs begin to feel numb.

High urination: High blood sugar causes the kidneys to pump more sugar
to get rid of it, and this process contributes to the withdrawal of water
with sugar, which causes the patient to go to the bathroom frequently.

Severe thirst: Severe thirst is a natural consequence of excess urination, because the body then becomes dehydrated.

Nausea, vomiting, and loss: These symptoms vary and lead to a rare
condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis.

These symptoms are accompanied by stomach pain, difficulty breathing,
redness or dryness of the skin, bad mouth odor, or difficulty in attention.

This is often

the case of patients with type 1 diabetes, sometimes the first signs of the
disease.Permanent disease and ease of infection: High sugar level makes it difficult for the body to resist some types of infection, and makes it more
frequent or longer in duration or more dangerous.

in addition Slow healing of wounds: High blood sugar level is disturbed by the flow and the ability of the body to treat itself, for sores take a long time to heal and this is more noticeable in the wounds that occur in the feet.

Dental problems: Glucose is also present in the blood. It is also found in saliva, and when it is high, it creates a good environment for the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and helps it to grow together with food molecules to form tartar.

This leads to problems such as tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, gum disease, and bad mouth odor.

to conclude Blurred vision: where high blood sugar leads to confusion in the vision,which is caused by excess sugar with a little water in the lenses in the middle of the eye.

Headache: Dehydration and permanent thirst causes headaches, which is the result of constant urination, so the patient needs to drink more water.

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