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Al-Arouri: Netanyahu and Trump will pay for their crimes against our people

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Al-Arour :Deputy Secretary of the Political Bureau of Hamas Saleh al-
Arouri, that the statements of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on the
West Bank settlements confirm that the United States is a key partner in
the occupation and disregard all the decisions of the world.

World – Palestine

Al-Arour said in a televised interview on Al-Aqsa TV channel that the
American position on settlement in the West Bank will not change the
truth. It is an occupied Palestinian land, also pointing out that the unity of the Palestinian position will thwart any political project imposed on our

in addition He said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump will pay the price for their crimes against our people and will only reap disappointments.

in addition : the legitimacy of the settlements of the West Bank and Tel
Aviv, pointing out that Pompeo’s statements testify to the crimes of the United States of America against the Palestinian people.

besides the deal of the century lost its strategic momentum thanks to the steadfastness of the Palestinians and their unified position.

however the Israeli enemy received an important lesson after the response of the resistance to the assassination of the martyr Bahaa Abu al-
Atta, explaining that Hamas provided direct assistance in the military and technical field for all resistance factions.

He pointed out that there was no direct coordination in the arrangement of the last response between Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but it does not mean the existence of conflict or conflict and it is impossible to sacrifice the unity of resistance, pointing out that communication between the two movements is continuing at all political and military levels.

Al-Arouri pointed out:

that his movement arranged a leadership meeting with the brothers in the Islamic Jihad to draw lessons from the last round and develop the performance of the resistance, stressing that the keenness of the sons of Jihad to resist and our cause is no less than the concern of the sons of Hamas.

He stressed that Hamas has agreed with the factions on a number of
determinants of holding elections, the most important of which is that they will be held in Jerusalem, and provide them with an atmosphere of freedom and a positive atmosphere, and to restore the rights of the current MPs, both material and moral, but the PA practices repression, repression and prosecution to this day.

to conclude: Al-Arouri said that the elections are the best way for the
peaceful transfer of power among our people, provided that they are real
elections that lead to change, noting that Hamas wants elections that are a way out of the Palestinian crisis without deepening the crisis.

finally Hamas’s written reply to the letter of Palestinian Authority
President Mahmoud Abbas is ready and we wait for Hanna’s arrival. Nasser to Gaza to receive it and we have serious procedures and respect
for the election results.

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