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Pompeo is the spokesperson for the American Chaos

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Pompeo : Any foreign policy that adopts hypocrisy and false statements and is not supported by definitive evidence, especially as it is directed to people who took to the streets to express their pain, pain and demands… There is no doubt that these statements fall under the title of serious incitement in societies divided on clear political and fundamental issues, the United States wanted Exploitation and deflected from its natural course to reap unpredictable gains before the demonstrations and popular movement, through which it can compensate part of its political and military losses in the battles waged in the region.

American permits:

in general and those issued by its politicians do not need explanation or interpretation to know their destination and objectives, especially when it comes to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and do not need the tact, decency and diplomacy that is already lacking in American policy, and prefer to follow a policy of arrogance mixed with the intention of disparaging and insulting the minds of others ..

Which the Americans believe that the strategy of “insult” is one of the reasons for their strength and influence, not to mention the policy of hypocrisy, lies and incitement and all that would suggest the ability of the United States to maintain its high position, which does not share There is no clearer evidence of the approach that President Donald Trump and his administration have been following in the Gulf countries in general and the Saudi regime, its king and his crown prince in particular.

however Any statements and tweets made by Minister Mike Pompeo from the gate
of his support for the Iraqi and Lebanese protests against what he called
the Iranian “domination” on their countries!, Which tried to replace the
minds of the Lebanese and Iraqi people, and analyze the reasons for the
deterioration of their internal situation, also come up with a rude
explanation, loaded The Iranian state has full responsibility for the moral,
social and political corruption there, and the Lebanese and Iraqi people
have discovered that “corruption is the highest export of the Iranian|
regime” through their governments loyal to it! What a minister who
supports his political bankruptcy with lies.

Pompeo did not hide his country’s desire

incitement and involvement in supporting the overthrow of those governments, and did not dare to disclose that his government and embassies of his country is basically behind the complexity of the lives of the two peoples and the spread of corruption and pressure on citizens in their livelihood through their peers and agents in both countries, and it stands in front of solving all problems It has reinforced the sharp division over the peaceful and natural role of Iran in the region.

Not only did Pompeo interfere in Lebanese and Iraqi internal affairs:

but also to interfere in Iranian affairs, and those protests that came out to express dissatisfaction with the rise in fuel prices, not ashamed of what he described as “uprising”, and talk about the support and stand by Washington to the demonstrators, but in fact He would not have acknowledged his country’s support “for some troublemakers in some Iranian cities” – according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry – and his statements “hypocritical and opportunistic” – according to Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi.

What does Secretary Pompeo do?

He is the foreign minister of the “Great” state, and what policy does he
draw for his country through false statements and ridiculous tweets? He has asserted that he is the weakest minister in the history of the United States of America, who has not known a policy, approach or position other than to please the Israeli lobby in America. And the leaders of the usurper entity in occupied Palestine, it seems that he found himself a tongue and
Zionist Zionist of the United States, and not her mind as Secretary of State,
and chose to be the spokesperson for the insults, hooligans and traitors of
the homeland only.

in addition It is clear that the American Minister of sedition and incitement, does not understand the nature of the countries and peoples of the region, and donot understand the mosaic composition, and historical, cultural and religious, and did not listen to the speech of His Eminence Mr. Sistani that:
“There are external and internal parties who may today seek to exploit the current protests”… Also listening to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,

who exposed the American role in Lebanon, and how to intervene to prevent the government from opening the veins of the economy towards Iraq and through Damascus, and prevent the signing of dozens of contracts with Chinese, Russian and Iranian companies, and prevent the implementation of dozens of projects such as railways linking Lebanon to Syria to Iraq and Iran, as revealed the fact that the US administration intervenes and attempts to invest chaos, under the title of reducing or eliminating Iranian influence in Lebanon, His Eminence stressed that Iranian influence in Lebanon according to the American mentality and concept is resistance

Pompeo’s statements

Pompeo’s statements with their concealment of the intentions and objectives of the Zionist-American, must be clearly reflected in all that is happening in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, by seeking to generalize chaos and strife in order to break up communities and relations between peoples in one country and between those countries in general. For the sole purpose of targeting the axis of resistance and its achievements, which will multiply with the end of the international-terrorist war on Syria and Iraq, and the region’s natural tendency towards restoring its stability and building its economy by relying on oil and gas resources, especially those newly discovered. also My command A fighting fiercely to put her hand on that wealth and to confirm President Trump, who said he was “ready to fight and confrontation” – in his talk about the Syrian oil fields -.

in addition The United States’ quest to ignite the region and plunge it into chaos is in
complete contradiction with the false pretenses it claims to advocate for
freedom and democracy, and stresses that it does not care about the lives
of peoples and the collapse of their countries, and perhaps its willingness to enter them into sectarian or ethnic civil wars, no difference, in
exchange for robbery of wealth and capabilities. The United States has its
own agents and traitors in the region, and has its “golden key” to maintain its military presence in Syria and Iraq, by tightening its grip on the sword
of ISIS. And the system sword Saud and his cronies, who rely on them to
support the enemies of resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and even inside Iran…

No one can deny

to conclude no one can deny the rights of peoples, their demonstrations and public disclosure of their pain and pain, and their refusal to continue the corruption that necks their lives, and released the hand of some of the political class as agents of Ali Baba and were privileged forty thieves, and stood a dam in front of the development and prosperity of the country, and make room for living well and dignity…

But It is imperative to distinguish between spontaneous demonstrators
and their rightful demands, and from engineers, politicians, corrupt
criminals and foreign agents, and prevent the movement from departing
from the national framework so that people reach their aspirations and
block the path of all who are lurking in the country.

Damascus – Michel Klagasy

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