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The Israeli army says it intercepted four rockets fired from Syria

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The Israeli army :JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s defense systems shot
down four rockets fired from Syria into Israel early on Tuesday, the Israeli
army said.The Israeli armyThe Israeli army :JERUSALEM (Reuters) –
|Israel’s defense systems shot down four rockets fired from Syria into
Israel early on Tuesday, the Israeli army said.

The Israeli army : Minutes earlier, sirens sounded from incoming missiles in the occupied Golan Heights.

The army said: “Four launches from Syria into Israeli territory were
intercepted by Israeli air defenses. No targeting of Israeli communities has
been detected, ”according to Reuters.

however The correspondent of “Sputnik” in Syria reported that the Syrian air defenses, at dawn on Tuesday, to hostile targets in the south of the country.

The Syrian news agency SANA said he heard explosions near Damascus

in addition The correspondent of “Sputnik” that the Syrian air defenses dropped a number of missiles, probably Israeli, in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport.

also The Sputnik correspondent quoted a field source as saying that a number of rockets were fired from the direction of the Syrian-Lebanese triangle with the occupied Golan, and tried to target Syrian military positions in the southern countryside of Damascus and dealt with air defenses and dropped most of them.

A security source also told the reporter, “Sputnik”: “Israeli warplanes tried to target a military site in the south of the country through a burst of air-to-surface missiles.”

to conclude :The source added: “The air defenses in the Syrian Arab Army dealt with
these missiles and dropped most of them in the southern Damascus countryside adjacent to Quneitra.”

finally The latest Israeli attack on Syrian territory on Tuesday, November 12, targeted the Mezzeh neighborhood in Damascus with rocket propelled grenades.

” Syria News “

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