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100,000 children die every year due to war and siege in Yemen

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100,000 children in Yemen die every year from continuing military operations by the Arab coalition, a blockade, diseases and epidemics, the health ministry said on Thursday.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health in the government of rescue, Dr. Yousef Al-Hadri, that “there are 7200 children between the dead

and wounded and more than 800 children are disabled as a result of the direct shelling of aviation aggression,” according to the Yemeni news agency “Saba”.

He revealed that “about two million and two hundred thousand people infected with cholera,

of which about 3750 died and injured, of which children represent 32 percent of them.”


“34,520 cases of measles have been recorded, of which 273 have died, of which 65 percent are children,”

He said that “the number of people infected with diphtheria 4,500 cases,

of which died 253 cases representing children under five, about 16 percent.”

He pointed out that “2.9 million children under five are malnourished out of 5.4 million children,

or 55 percent, including 400 thousand children with severe acute malnutrition.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Sanaa, “86 percent of children under the age of five suffer from some kind of anemia,

46 percent of children suffer from stunting, while 80 thousand children with mental disorders

due to the sounds of aircraft and rocket explosions.”

“Six newborns die every two hours due to deteriorating health care services,

while 65 children under five out of 1,000 die from some form of disease,” he said.

According to al-Hadri: “Of the 320,000 patients who were unable to receive treatment abroad

due to the closure of Sanaa airport, 42,000 patients, of whom 30 percent were children, died.”

“12 million children, all Yemeni children, need humanitarian and health assistance,

while 51 percent of health facilities are partially or totally disabled due to aggression and blockade,

which directly affected the provision of care for children,”

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