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Damascus survived a massacre during the Israeli aggression

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the Israeli aggression : The Russian Defense Ministry provided press
information on the Israeli aggression that targeted Damascus yesterday in
conjunction with mock raids over southern Lebanon.

the Israeli aggression :The Russian defense said that the aggression was
carried out by six F-16 (American-made) aircraft, carried out over
Lebanese territory.

According to ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, the aggression came at a time when two civilian planes were carrying out landings at Damascus and Beirut airports,
therefore This means that the two planes survived the aggression that was about tohappen any massacre against passengers.

in addition According to “Konashenkov,” the tragedy was averted by diverting acivilian aircraft from the dangerous area and directing it to the Hmimim reserve airport.

The Russian statements came after an aggression carried out by the Israeli occupation on the Syrian capital Damascus, which caused panic among civilians in the suburb of Yousef al-Azma and damaged their homes, while the Syrian government said that its results were limited to material.

In parallel, the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) said that the Israeli warplanes flew over southern Lebanon and later found to have carried out mock raids on Lebanese territory and other real ones on Syrian territory.
The Israeli occupation continues to attack the Syrian territories and use
Lebanese airspace as a point to carry out the aggression.

on the other hand the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that the Israeli aggression against “Syria” is contrary to international law.

finally Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that his
country would inquire about what happened, adding: «We are in contact
with all our partners, and we are working to know the circumstances of what happened».

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