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Netherlands cuts financial support for Ramallah and its parliament supports israel settlements

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Netherlands has decided to stop financial support for the Palestinian Authority, while its parliament has refused to abide by the European High’s decision to boycott Israel settlement products.

Dutch lawmakers have decided to halt the flow of aid to the Palestinian Authority,

as a large proportion of the money goes to the families of Palestinian detainees in Israel and those with victims of Palestinian-Israeli clashes.

According to a report by Channel 2 Israel, the Netherlands has contacted the PA more than 20 times,

but the latter refused to stop paying the allowances of prisoners and martyrs, according to the agency “together”.

Dutch direct financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority amounts to 1.5 million euros per month

which is paid to the staff of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice.

Israel considered the Dutch decision an important political achievement,

coming a few days after the Netherlands vote against the European Court’s decision to label settlement products.

The issue of Israeli settlements has come to the fore in recent days following a serious shift in Washington’s stance,

which announced Monday that it no longer considers settlements a violation of international law.

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