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President al-Assad issues Legislative Decree No. 23 of 2019

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President al-Assad: Following up on the economic changes and their repercussions, after a series of deliberations started mid-year between the teams and the competent government committees, and discuss all the data and data, and after the ratification of the results of the Economic Committee and presented to the Council of Ministers in its last meeting held on 17/11/2019 ..

President al-Assad : President al-Assad issues the Legislative Decree No. 23
for the year 2019, which increases the monthly salaries and wages of the
Syrian military and civilians, after merging the current living
compensation with the lump-sum salary basis to be part of it.
One thousand Syrian pound for military and civilian pensioners also after adding the living compensation to their pension ..

in addition Decree 23 included all military and civilians working in ministries,departments and public institutions, companies and installations of thepublic sector, municipalities and units of local administration and popular work and others .. And all other public and joint sectors in which the share of the state is not less than 75% of its capital.

also Decree 23 included the viewers, day-to-day and temporary, whether agents or casual or seasonal or contractors on contracts of employment or appointed on dots or administrative instruments as well as those who work on a part-time basis or on the basis of production or fixed and converted wages.

finally Minimum wages and occupational wages for private,
cooperative and joint workers to become 47,675 Syrian pounds per month.

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