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The loss of one of the pillars of contemporary Arabic translation.

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Saleh Elmani
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contemporary Arabic translation : Great man Saleh Elmani : The genius who proved that the work of the translator is equal to the work of the writer.

contemporary Arabic translation : Translator feat that translated the most important works of literature Spanish and Latin American. The creator granted by Spain in recognition of his great achievement in the transfer of Spanish literature to Arabic.

Translated from Palestine, translates from Spanish. Born in Homs in 1949, he studied Spanish literature.
He spent more than a quarter of a century in the service of Latin literature to introduce Arab readers to this type of literature.

He is credited with translating dozens of novels that formed the so-called wave of magical realism. A few days ago, he completed the 75th book in his series of translations, entitled Malicious Girl Devils, the latest novel by Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa.

Saleh secularized his work at the Palestinian News Agency and later became a translator at the Cuban Embassy in Damascus and later worked in the Syrian Ministry of Culture and specifically in the Directorate of Authorship and Translation as well as in the Syrian General Book Organization until he reached the retirement age in 2009.

Since the late 1970s

Saleh has specialized in the translation of Latin American literature and his fame has increased when he translated to Latin America’s leading writers, including Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Jose Saramago, Eduardo Galliano and others.
Colonel is not one of his writers, the first novel translated by Saleh Elmani
to the writer Marquez, which received the hospitality of a journalist from
Al-Nahar and Al-Akhbar, which encouraged him – according to – to continue
to translate.

finally After translating dozens of books on Spanish, five of the most
prominentLatin American writers to whom the Spanish government
translates demanded that he grant him residency in honor of his accomplishment in “Transferring Spanish Creations to Arabic”.

this was the case when he was granted residency in Spain with his family after his exodus from Syria.

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