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Lebanese Presidency: Consultation is not a violation of the Constitution or a violation of the Taif Agreement

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The Presidential Information Office responds to the statement of the three former heads of government and also affirms that the President of the Republic seeks to secure broad support for President-designate Samir Khatib without violating the Constitution.

The Presidency Information Office replied to the statement of the former heads of government,

which included “fallacies”, saying that they did not realize “what would have resulted

from the speedy conduct of binding parliamentary consultations from the negative repercussions so

on the general situation in the country and on national unity and also charter legitimacy” or what they would not have issued.

The presidential statement said Wednesday that the consultation conducted by President Michel Aoun

does not constitute a violation of the constitution or a violation of the Taif Agreement and also it does not set a time limit

also for conducting binding parliamentary consultations on the one hand,

nor does it set a time limit for the president-designate to form the government in agreement

with the President of the Republic on the other hand.

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