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Moscow is ready to help the new government in isolation from its president

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the new government :Under the headline of Russia: Stop the collapse in
Lebanon, Firas Choufi wrote in Al-Akhbar: The reference of former MP
Walid Jumblatt, about two weeks ago, that “some active ambassadors and
some foreign ministers have entered the line of forming the government to
increase the complexity…”.

but a reflection Another is the accusation made by Jeffrey Feltman to Russia of interfering in the Lebanese affairs.

Feltman-Jumblatt’s remarks do not depart from the context of the pre-emptive media war that is being fought against a possible Russian role in Lebanon, imposed by the country’s economic, political and social need, with part of the Lebanese feeling the need to “go east” and the collapse of the Lebanese-Western economic model.

Of course, recent Lebanese developments are at the heart of Moscow’s concerns, which have become an important player on the Mediterranean shore as Russian troops entered Syria in September 2015 and supported the Syrian army in the war on terror.

But this does not mean that Russia, where the Americans open the battlefields, square after square from Eastern Europe to Venezuela, plans to bring Lebanon from a Western orbit to the east, but on the contrary, Russian officials concerned with the Lebanese file are careful to choose their positions carefully,

With a full understanding of the delicate balance of power in Lebanon

the extent of American penetration in the small country, and anxious not to
involve it in a serious gravitational pull, it is added to its reality on the
verge of a complete economic collapse.

The words of the Russian Ambassador in Beirut Alexander Zasbekkin, a week before the start of the protests, and pointed out that “the Americans are preparing for chaos in Lebanon,” disturbed Americans and their dependents on the Lebanese arena.

however Apart from the official US protest, which was addressed to
Moscow through the Russian ambassador in Washington, over Zasbikin’s
words, the Americans launched a media misinformation campaign to
distort his words, with the aim of presenting Russia as a hostile party to the
rightful demands of the Lebanese protesters, and fabricating fictional accounts of Russian-Iranian cooperation to suppress them.

While Zasbekkin cited the economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Lebanon, especially after the targeting of the bank “Jamal” which directly contributed to the shaking of financial markets and the banking sector, the Russians distinguish their position clearly between the role of the US-driven chaos, and the accumulation of internal economic and political crises in Lebanon and the power’s involvement in corruption and waste, which the Lebanese rose up against on October 17.

Over the last three years at least, the various Russian agencies have touched
on the disadvantages of rampant corruption in the administrations.

in addition Some officials have reached obstacles and asked the Russian
authorities to facilitate cooperation with Lebanon.

The Russians

they did not lose sight of the distribution of quotas, which had already begun to talk about, for the loan of one billion dollars, which Prime Minister Hariri tried to obtain from Moscow under the title of arming the Lebanese army, and then returned and obstructed.

Perhaps the greatest suffering for the Russian side was with the banking sector and the Bank of Lebanon, which exercised the most severe types of sanctions against Russian companies, even more than the Americans demand, as Russian companies are prevented from opening accounts in Lebanon under the pretext of being subjected to American sanctions, while these companies operate.

In the Gulf States

Jordan and Egypt without obstacles. In addition to the pretexts invented to
prevent the Russians and Chinese from opening banks in Lebanon, it facilitates the work of Russian and Chinese companies willing to invest in the country and participate in the reconstruction of Syria, depriving Lebanon of an influx of funds that could have helped prevent the collapse of the lira and help the banking sector face the mood. US pressure, apart from preventing Lebanese companies from making transfers to and from Russia.

also Paradoxically, a delegation from the Association of Banks hastened
with the start of the crisis and the resignation of Hariri, to visit Zasbekkin
to request Russian support to speed up the formation of the government!

What leads the Russian position today on Lebanon is the fear of chaos in the event of a complete economic and financial collapse, re-mix the cards in the region and threaten stability in the East and the Gulf and in Europe, in light of a new Russian role philosophy to seek dialogue between the conflicting forces, especially in the crisis Between the Gulf and Iran.

the Russians are advising the Lebanese

Hence, the Russians are advising the Lebanese to accelerate the formation of a government capable of halting the collapse, carrying out urgent reforms in the economic system, stopping waste and imposing practical policies to fight corruption. Here, too, is Russia’s fear, expressed in the
words of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, of Hariri’s and Americans’
demands for a technocratic government.

finally Russia encourages a government of specialists and a halt to the
quota mentality that has been dealt with for many successive governments,
but it recognizes that technocrats are a political demand whose aim is not
to make reforms, but to remove American adversaries from the executive,
and to turn the government into a political tool against Hezbollah and the
president. Michel Aoun, and trying to extract political concessions from
them through economic pressure.

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