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The UAE describes Bashar al-Assad as “the wise leader.”

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the wise leader :The UAE Embassy in Syria held a reception on Monday to
mark the 48th anniversary of its National Day.
The UAE Foreign Ministry issues a statement after the return of its embassy
in Damascus
the wise leader : in addition The UAE Chargé d’Affaires in Damascus,
Abdul Hakim Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi, said: “The Syrian-UAE relations are
strong, distinctive and strong, based on clear and firm bases based on Arab
reunification through a moderate policy,” expressing his hope that
“security, security and stability will prevail throughout Syria under the
leadership of the President.” “Bashar al-Assad,” the official SANA news
agency reported.

Al Nuaimi expressed his thanks to the Syrian government and the Syrian people for their warm welcome and to the Foreign Ministry staff for their support in overcoming difficulties in front of the UAE embassy to carry out its duties in order to deepen relations between the two brotherly countries.

also In turn, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad reviewed the history of bilateral relations between the two countries, stressing that “Syria and the UAE share many elements, including Arabism and the depth of the blood and belonging and joy to the achievements and victories achieved in the two countries.”

however Syria will not forget that the UAE has stood by its side in its war on terror,” Mekdad said.

finally He stressed that “Syria is achieving great victories against terrorism, and the rest of the areas controlled by terrorist organizations will return to the state,” calling for Arab cooperation in the face of risks to the region.

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