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The World Bank estimates Russia’s total wealth at more than $ 20,000 billion

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The World Bank :In 17 years since 2000, Russia’s total national wealth has risen 73 percent to 1.3 quadrillion rubles (about $ 20.3 trillion), while per capita national wealth has risen 73 percent – the World Bank said Wednesday. 8.9 million rubles (about $ 139 thousand).

Moscow – Sputnik. “How rich is Russia? Overall assessment of Russian wealth in the period 2000-2017 ”:

in addition The total amount of Russian wealth in the period 2000-2017 increased by 73 percent, from 753 thousand billion rubles [about $ 11.74 trillion] to 1306 thousand billion rubles (equivalent to about $ 20.3 trillion)”

The growth rate of per capita wealth was similar (76 percent), rising from 5,057,000 rubles (about $ 78.8,000) to 8,891,000 rubles (about $ 139,000), while the total population of Russia as a whole fell 1.4 percent. during this period”.

By 2017, the average Russian is 1.8 times richer than in 2000, but is still behind the average OECD member, who on average was four times richer than the Russian.

To calculate the country’s total wealth

World Bank experts calculated the collection of four types of assets: natural
capital – energy resources (oil, natural gas and coal), mineral resources,
agricultural land (arable land and pasture), natural land and specially
protected forests; Machinery, buildings, equipment and urban land; human
capital – knowledge, skills and experience embodied in the workforce; as well as net foreign assets – financial securities and foreign direct investment located in other countries.

“It may seem surprising, but human capital accounts for the largest share of Russia’s wealth – 46 percent,” the authors note, noting that it follows that of productive capital – accounting for 33 percent of total national wealth and natural capital. – 20 percent (15 percent of which are non-renewable sources). Net foreign assets represent only 1 percent of Russia’s total wealth.

finally For comparison: in the OECD’s wealth structure, average human capital is 70 percent, productive capital 28 percent, natural capital 3 percent, and net foreign assets have a negative value minus 1 percent, because developed countries attract more foreign investment than Withdraw its own funds.

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