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Danish television interviewed a Danish officer who was part of the force with the Americans at Ein al-Assad

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Danish television : A Danish officer, who was part of the Western coalition
forces, with the Americans at the “Ain al-Assad” base, in Anbar, western
Iraq, before their withdrawal to Kuwait, details of the night he lived,
inside a shelter, when the Iranian ballistic attack on that base began.(Danish television)

The officer, in an interview with “Danish TV correspondent”, said that the Iranian bombing targeted American elected points, inside the base, but that the Iraqi wing or the wing of the international coalition were not damaged, as well as health and service centers.

He also mentioned that thousands of soldiers of the International Coalition Forces had reached their commanders with the anticipated attack, so they were directed to hide in underground shelters, warning that the Iranians had a complete survey and maps of the base, and they could target us, but they avoided “the catastrophe of the century,” he said.

The Danish officer said:

We know little about the US headquarters and some of them are joint sites, but there are sites that we do not know and we are not allowed to enter as a Danish force affiliated with the international coalition, but what I know for sure is the destruction of the control of giant radars with all their
devices, and the headquarters of the American Military Intelligence was
destroyed Entire weapons stores were destroyed, and they exploded about half an hour after the attack. Fighter aircraft runways were
destroyed, air-monitoring platforms and surface-to-air missile launch bases were
completely destroyed, while air and thermal sensors and sensors were

Here, I want to add that Iran did not target the Iraqi wing, the alliance wing, the shelters, or the health and service centers, as it focused only on the American wing and on elected goals, and this indicates that the Iranians possess a complete survey and accurate maps of all other military and foreign bases in Iraq and the Middle East region in a way General ..
Reporter: So why do the Americans not recognize the size of the losses !!?
The officer: This matter belongs to their policy and their circumstances. I do not understand what they think, perhaps they do not want to worry their people, and this is clear from their decision to prevent journalists from entering the base to this moment as I heard from you !!

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