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The United States talks about its new tactics against Syria

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new tactics against Syria : The United States of America has spoken of its
tactics towards Damascus, and has also indicated that the effect of the
“Caesar Law” signed by US President Donald Trump at the end of last year
will begin to appear in the coming weeks.(new tactics against Syria)

James Jeffrey, the US envoy to Syria, said that his country is working on
new methods and tactics to implement its Syria strategy.

in addition He stressed that his country’s strategy focuses on three pillars represented by a major political change in the “structure of governance in Syria”, and the complete removal of Iran from it, along with emphasizing the defeat of the Islamic State.

“Jeffrey” said that the United States is trying to implement its strategy by supporting “opposition forces” until reaching a government that “does not threaten the neighborhood,” preventing Iranian militias from the country, and supporting the political process in Syria.

And he added :

that his country is working to ensure that chemical weapons are not used in Idlib, and that it is also pressing economically and diplomatically on Russia and Assad to stop their progress in the region and curb them.

He considered that the United States stood firmly before Russia and Damascus in the Security Council to thwart their project to stop the entry of humanitarian aid into northern Syria, which led to its extension of 6 months.

also Jeffrey explained US President Donald Trump’s vision about Syria, noting that the latter has a clear message that there will be no military solution in the country, along with his commitment to end the “conflict” through a political solution in accordance with Resolution 2254, by holding elections Free and fair.

finally On the “Caesar’s Law,” the American envoy confirmed that its effect
will start to appear in the coming weeks, adding that “there are great
efforts being made to put a package of economic sanctions on Syria.”

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