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An American colonel at Ein Al-Assad base: I was shocked and did not hide like this in my life

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Lieutenant Colonel Tim Garland, who was present at the “Eye of Assad” base during the Iranian response, assures to “AFP” that the Iranian bombing of the base was unprecedented, explaining that his first reaction was “shock and disbelief”.

“This attack was unprecedented, as soldiers gathered in bunkers for hours, fearing the conflict could worsen.” This is what Lieutenant Colonel Tim Garland said in an interview with “France Press” at the American “Eid al-Assad” military base in western Iraq, after Iran’s response to the assassination of America, the commander of the Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani, on January 3.


Garland, who confirmed that his first reaction was “shock and disbelief”, questioning Iran’s ability or willingness to launch a missile attack on al-Qaeda, indicated that its leaders had warned him a few hours ago that an attack would occur on the night of January 7.

And Iran, at the dawn of January 8, bombed the “Ain al-Assad” base, which is one of the largest Iraqi military bases, and contains a training center and a number of American coalition aircraft and American advisers, in addition to the international coalition forces there.

In parallel, Garland noted that “placing the forces in a safe place was a quick-acting and coordinated action between the leaders of the army and the Air Force in Ein al-Assad”,

and by 11:00, “US and Coalition personnel had gone out of their wards and offices, and hid either in warehouses Fortified or dispersed throughout the base,

and waited for tension for more than two hours. “


The colonel also confirmed his shock from the force of the strikes, saying, “When the first wave fell,

it was the loudest and strongest bang I could ever hear.” There was something abnormal in the air,

the way it moved, the way the place warmed up, and the pressure wave that knocked on the door. And I took it off. “

He pointed out that “he did not hide it for such a long time”,

as 5 ballistic missiles from the bases were launched at the base starting at 01:35 and for the next three hours,

at varying times. He explained, “He did not know what the strike would look like,

or whether it would have the effect of carpet bombing.”

Garland continued, “When the shelling subsided around four o’clock in the morning, the commanders

and soldiers went out of their shelters to see fires burning throughout the base,

and more than a dozen sites were hit by rockets, but” miraculously “there were no casualties,

pointing out that two soldiers were in guard towers pushed by pressure outside Their sites,

but they suffered only concussion. “

He noted that “the waves that struck al-Qaeda were temporary in a way that made the soldiers think that the shelling was over,

as the time between one wave and another was just enough time to make you feel safe,

considering that” this was with the aim of causing injuries. “

Garland concluded around the base, saying, “It was the scene of ballistic missile strikes? This is unprecedented.”

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