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Dozens of civilians left the terrorist spread areas in Aleppo and Idlib

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Today, a SANA correspondent reported that dozens of civilians left the terrorist areas in the rural areas of Aleppo and also Idlib through the present corridor towards the safe areas.

Dozens of civilians also left the terrorist group’s proliferation areas in Idlib countryside,

through the Abu Dahour Corridor, towards the safe areas.

Terrorist organizations targeted the present corridor in the southern countryside of Aleppo

with missiles to prevent those wishing to exit from the corridor,

which was reached in the morning by a batch of civilians coming from the areas of spread of terrorist

to be transferred to their villages and also towns purged of terrorism.

A SANA correspondent in Aleppo stated that a number of shells fired by terrorists landed in the vicinity of the present corridor south of Aleppo,

in conjunction with the presence of dozens of civilians in it from the areas of spread of terrorists,


in preparation for their delivery to the villages that the Syrian Arab Army had cleared of terrorism.

Dozens of citizens went out yesterday through the present corridor coming from the areas of the spread of terrorist organizations in preparation for their return to their villages and also towns,

which the army freed from terrorism,

where they were received from the concerned authorities and also provided health services to those in need.

Yesterday, the relevant authorities, under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Army, established 3 humanitarian

corridors in the Abu Dahour region, southeast of Idlib,

the town of Habit in the southern countryside, and also the present area of ​​southern Aleppo countryside,

to receive civilians wishing to leave the areas of terrorist spread in Idlib and also the countryside of Aleppo to the liberated areas

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