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Russia is the most affected by the electronic “Trojan horse” attack

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Russian users are attacked by a “Trojan” that works by making mock reviews of the applications using the service that provides access to Android.

A malicious program called Shopper attacked users worldwide, Russia’s share was 31% of the global attack,

Brazil ranked second with 18% of the affected users, and India came third with 13%.

Trojan provides a service to access Google, to facilitate the use of applications for people with special needs,

as the service allows reading text in the interface of the application so that people who cannot read can hear their contents.

Attackers used their capabilities by interacting with the system interface and applications, enabling shoppers to intercept on-screen data,

press buttons and even mimic the gestures that the user himself uses.

Experts warn that Trojans can reach the device through fraudulent advertisements or from third-party app stores

when trying to download a program that is suspect, and this is complicated,

as malicious applications appear to be a basic program for the device system, and Trojans collect information


about the victim’s device and send it To the attacker, then receives commands that can lead to the following scenarios:

-Use the Google or Facebook accounts of the device owner without his -knowledge to register in shopping apps.
-Create shortcuts to fake applications.
-Turn off the Google Play protection function, which checks the security of the application from the Google Play store before downloading it.
-Open links received in an invisible window by criminals.

-Multiple ad windows and shortcuts for advertising apps appear in the app menu.
-Downloading and installing applications, without the knowledge of the device owner, on Google Play.

Shopper mainly aims to use online stores, its work is limited to distributing ads, creating fake shortcuts,

but there is no guarantee that its users will stop there and will not modify piracy programs, and add new features to it.

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