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The Independent: Russia turns into a decision-maker in Libya

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a decision-maker in Libya : The newspaper “The Independent” indicated in a report entitled “Russia is turning into a decision-maker in Libya”, that the negotiations that were called quickly under Turkish-Russian sponsorship between the warring in Libya indicate the possibility of establishing peace in the country that is weakening It has the influence of the West.(a decision-maker in Libya)

also She noted that Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin called for an urgent ceasefire between the forces of the military commander Khalifa Haftar and the recognized Libyan government forces headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, and were followed by quick peace negotiations.

in addition She explained that, days after his statements in which he said that he would not “negotiate with the terrorists who remain in Tripoli,” Haftar came to the negotiations in the Russian capital, Moscow, to meet Al-Sarraj and his accompanying delegation.

The British newspaper pointed out that “Hifter pledged to his supporters in the Emirates and Cairo that he would achieve a quick victory and control Tripoli, but the faction fighters in western Libya mobilized their forces and deprived them of that.”

“Despite the praise of Turkish newspapers for the negotiations, there are
few opportunities to reach a permanent peace agreement,” she added. She
believed that “despite the presence of Haftar and Al-Sarraj to Moscow for
the sake of negotiations, there was no planned meeting between them,
and they did not meet face to face.”

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